Marina Facilities

Whitehaven Marina has a number of facilities available, including:

Sea Lock

Marina Sea Lock

Sea Lock Information

Whitehaven Marina and the town are protected by the Sea Lock at the entrance to the harbour. This not only provides added flood defence but also added safety and security for you and your vessel within the marina.

The lock is manned 24/7 and assistance will be provided when required.

To ensure your safety and ease of use please follow the rules below when using the lock:

•  Contact the lock keeper for permission to enter the lock
•  Monitor VHF Channel 12 at all times during arrival and departure
•  Enter and leave the lock at slow speed
•  Observe the traffic light signals and act appropriately
•  Ensure your vessel is secured to the cleats provided and use a spring line
•  Listen carefully to the instructions given by the duty Lock Keeper
•  Only enter or depart the lock when the gates have fully opened

Whitehaven Lock schematic


Tel: +44 (0)1946 692435

Whitehaven Marina