Marina Supervisor Tony Taylor rescues dog from the harbour

January 8, 2018

Boots, a 15-year-old dog, was rescued from Whitehaven harbour after falling in the choppy waters


The relieved owners of an elderly dog have thanked the courageous man who pulled their terrified pet from the harbour.

Boots, a 15-year-old border collie, was blown into the choppy waters at Whitehaven last night.

His owners, Kirsten Turner and her mum Melissa, frantically searched for Boots, who is losing his eyesight, before spotting him struggling in the waters below.

As they stood shouting and shining torches into the pitch black water, marina supervisor Tony Taylor who was locking up for the night, spotted what was going on and jumped into action.

Tony, who has worked for Whitehaven Marina Ltd for nine years, said: “A lady came running up to me and asked if I could help.

“I rushed off down to the pontoons, it was pitch black so I jumped on one of the boats and just caught sight of the dog.

“It’s really cold in the harbour and my main worry was that once he goes under, he hasn’t got a chance so I was preparing myself to jump in.

“I shouted up to ask his owners his name and called him, and he swam straight to me – he did really well.”

Tony hung from the pontoon and pulled the shattered dog to safety –admitting that he feared the worst.

“He wasn’t in a good way,” he said. “I managed to pull him out of the water and he just collapsed. I gave him a bit of a rub and picked him up and ran up the pontoon and sprinted up the ramp to the toilet block. He was exhausted and freezing cold and quite scared.”

Tony and Boots’ owners put the freezing dog in the shower before taking him to the nearby Preston Street vets.

Tony said it was “pure chance” that he was there as he was just leaving the office and was a little later than usual.

Kirsten and her mum Melissa, who lives at Whitehaven town centre, were out walking around the harbour with Boots and think he was blown into the water by a gust of wind, around 6pm.

After searching for 20 minutes, Kirsten heard a yelp and spotted him in the water.

“I was ready to jump in myself as I wasn’t going to let him go that way,” she said.

Speaking about Tony, 20-year-old Kirsten said: “I’ve never saw anybody run so fast, he was up on all the boats and shouting him over before pulling him out.

“He was amazing, we wouldn’t have got him back if it wasn’t for Tony. We can’t thank him enough and I can’t believe how lucky we were. To find a black dog in black water is a miracle.”

Kirsten has also thanked the vets and nurses at Preston Street vets who opened late to care for Boots.

“He was at the vets for about two hours then we took him home and gave him some warm porridge.

“He’s okay, you wouldn’t know anything had happened to him, he’s an absolute trooper. I know some people will say it’s just a dog, but he’s part of our family.”

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