James Cook Sails from Whitehaven Summer 2017

October 4, 2017

Ocean Youth Trust North inspires young people to rise above personal or domestic difficulties and make changes to their lives. Engaging them through ‘Adventure under Sail’ we use the sailing experience as a tool for personal and social development. On board our vessels, in addition to formal qualifications, they acquire a sense of purpose and learn a variety of transferable skills while working as a team and taking on ‘The Challenge of the Sea’. The results are profound; living and working together, sometimes under adverse conditions, they are motivated by setting and achieving their own goals while accepting responsibility for all aspects of running an ocean going yacht. Young people thrive in the on-board environment where the familiar routine and close living means they develop trusting relationships with those around them. Every aspect of a voyage promotes personal growth that they can take forward to their futures. The unpredictable nature of life at sea presents real physical, mental and emotional challenges. The result is a noticeable increase in wellbeing.

Below shows question and answers with skipper Andy Reed ….

Q.1 How long have you been the skipper on James Cook?

On a full time basis, only since April although I have had a close involvement with Ocean Youth Trust North and formerly Ocean Youth Club for more than 40 years. I started out as a young crewmember and then became a volunteer and more recently worked for the charity as a relief mate/ skipper.  I also work as an RYA Instructor/ Examiner.

 Q.2 What has been your most memorable moment(s) of this year’s trips?

Seeing the kids’ faces when they see dolphins for the first time in the wild.

Q.3 What do you enjoy the most about James Cook and the Ocean Youth tours?

Watching young people develop personally in the unique and confined environment in which we operate. Our motto is ‘changing lives, inspiring futures’. Sometimes the impact of our work takes years to become apparent, sometimes it is more immediate and that is very rewarding.

Q.4 Have you had any scary experiences on board?

 Only taking a 20m, 55tonne ketch into the sea lock, inbound in a swell!

Q.5 Where has been your favourite destination to sail James Cook?

Personally I have really enjoyed our visits to the Isle of Man. We have also undertaken voyages to Anglesey, Ireland, the West Coast of Scotland as well as trips from coast to coast around the top of Scotland via the Orkney Isles.  It is hard to choose.

Q.6 What do you think the children enjoy most and what is the main thing they gain from the trips?

Our young crews feel secure in having strict boundaries while onboard and the routine of the watch system gives them a sense of order.  They meet different people, make new friends and develop a feeling of family and belonging.  They enter as strangers, leave as friends. They gain a sense of achievement from setting and meeting their own objectives for the voyage.  It is amazing how quickly their confidence develops and you can see them grow in stature during the six days they are aboard.

Q.7 Where is James Cook heading to once she finishes her time sailing from Whitehaven?

James Cook is now safely back in Newcastle where she will be based for the rest of the season until mid-October when she will sail to Ipswich for a major refit.  She is 30 years old this month and during her lifetime has taken over 9000 young people to sea.  (We currently engage with 500 young people each year).  She deserves some t.l.c. and we want to have her shipshape in time for the Tall Ships Races in 2018 when she will sail to Denmark, Norway and Holland.

Q. 8 How many people are on a typical tour? Staff and crew?

Typically, we have a skipper, mate and 2 voluntary watch leaders with up to 12 young people and space for up to 2 group leaders, so 18 persons in all.


Ocean Youth Trust North is grateful to Whitehaven Marina staff, berth-holders and the general public on the Quayside for all their goodwill and support while we have been in port.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.

In the meantime you can read our brochure: http://view.vcab.com/?vcabid=geaSenrclScnjhrlh watch our video:  https://youtu.be/avoyIKuWyhk or follow us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/oceanyouthtrustnorth/

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