Whitehaven Welcomes Superyachts

May 9, 2017

For those who missed her Lady M stopped off in Whitehaven Marina recently on a tour of the Irish Sea and the Western Isles of Scotland. At 65metres and 9.5 metres wide Lady M  is far too long to fit through the sealock under normal conditions so the marina staff lowered the sea level in the marina to allow both sets of gates to be opened and let the vessel through on free flow. The sealock is 30 metres long and 13 metres wide; with only a couple of metres leeway the captain expertly manoeuvred through the lock before swinging round to the berth on Sugar Tongue.

Lady M’s owner and his family enjoyed a fantastic day out exploring the Lake District. The crew were really impressed with the marina and all of them said that they wished they had planned to stay a few more days. She certainly attracted a few onlookers locally. Tony Taylor, Marina Supervisor estimated that around 2500 people came to the marina to see her. He said “Lots of people were surprised to see such a large vessel on the Sugar Tongue when they woke up this morning and couldn’t work out how we got it in”

A Whitehaven berth holder also commented “it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world and in a town with such a lovely setting and history. Why wouldn’t people want to visit?”

Marina Manager Simone Morgan added “We are fully equipped to deal with vessels like Lady M at Whitehaven Marina and we look forward to welcoming more.

Next stop for the Lady M is the Isle of Man. Lady M is a PJ 210, flagship in Palmer Johnson’s Sport Yacht series, built in the US. This 720-gross ton yacht is capable of going from zero to 28-plus knots in one minute, 28 seconds.

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